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We are stoked to offer the stunning collection of metallic flake and glass flake Kierin gloss finish paints from Spray.Bike paints!

Bike paints for electric bikes Kierin sparkle flake finishes

If you’ve never heard about a Japanese national obsession called Kierin track racing, check this out. It's a race on fixies with no brakes. The six-lap or four-lap race starts with riders following behind a pace vehicle. The pacer slowly speeds up. On the final lap, the pacer leaves the track and the riders break loose into an all-out final lap scramble, pouring everything they’ve got, every strategy, every cell into being the first to cross the finish line. Head butting, shoulder slamming, and other brute moves—as well as horrifying crashes—are not unknown. And the rewards for being the first across the finish line can be substantial: the 2019 Grand Prix winner took home nearly one million dollars for just that race.

Bike paints for ebikes sparkle flake kierin paints

Kierin racing began after World War II as a legal form of track gambling sanctioned by the government to raise re-building funds.  The Japanese Keirin Association (NJS) was started in 1957 to establish a uniform system of standards for the sport. In 2011, the sum of bets placed on keirin races exceeded 5 billion dollars and nearly 5 million people attended the races. Professional racers are licensed, and dedicate a year to rigorous training at a keirin school.

Kierin bike paints for ebikes and bikes flake and glass sparkle gloss finish

The elite Japanese Kierin racers enjoy national stardom—and they make bank, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.  Top riders earn half a million dollars a year – and can realistically expect to compete for 15 years or more. 


Befitting this disciplined-but-glamorous sport, Japanese Keirin bike frames are specially hand-built to exacting specifications. And then they are colored with eye-catching paint schemes — infused with glitter and bearing the elaborate and deeply venerated marques of their builders.  

Kierin flake for bikes
 Pink Flake Kierin bike frame

Inspired by these glorious flashing fixies, Spray.Bike paints has introduced a whole line of special Kierin paints that will magically transform the look of your bike! These special aerosols come in a variety of colors and feature reflective bits of either metallic flake or glass.

Keirin Flake A clearcoat of traditional Japanese-style metallic flakes to give you an amazing eye-catching sparkle.
Keirin Sunlight A clearcoat of glass dust gives this range a unique effect. Indoors it's subtle, but when direct sunlight hits it - Bam! 

The colored flakes are contained in a clear gloss, so they are sprayed on over your base colors. Take a look at some of the results! Explore the Kierin Collection now!

Kierin BLING for your bike

Metallic flake bike paint


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