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Dear Custom73: How Do I Customize a Hudson Blue S-2?

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Dear Custom73:
I have a stock, Hudson blue S2 that I was looking to do some customization to.  I was hoping you could help me decided what would look good on that bike.  Please keep in mind I’m not overly handy. 😕.  Thanks. 
-Hudson Rider
Dear Hudson Rider: Thanks for the email. We obviously have a lot of ideas for how to customize bikes. Most people take their inspiration from classic motorcycle styles. You could make the bike into a street fighter or into a vintage looking bike or into whatever you imagine. It depends on what type of style you want. Go onto Pinterest and look up "classic motorcycle paint schemes" for inspiration. (You can visit our Pinterest as well.)
Decals. We have a lot of decal designs on our shop, or we can make custom decals in any design you want - so what are you into?  Some people want decals that relate to their hobbies or favorite movies etc.  We also have a lot of very nice pre-cut vinyl wrap to use as a decal and some of those colors might look really nice on the Hudson blue. I would not try to specifically match the Hudson blue color because it is hard to match. Instead, I would look for a complimentary color. The classic orange and blue (Gulf racing livery) is a sporty way to go.  Other colors that compliment blue include green or red.  
Grips. Because the S-2 has that nice brown seat, you might be interested in our vintage style brown grips.  I could see a very cool Hudson blue bike that is gulf racing-but vintage. 
Tires. We also are the only shop in the US that I know of who carries the brown Rocker tires.  So you could develop this whole vintage brown and blue style if you wanted. Any bike store could change out your ties for cheap or we can help you find a mobile bike mechanic through Velotooler.
Lights and Mirrors. One of the easiest things that you can do is add mirrors and bar-end turning signals, which we stock. We are also big fans of the shred lights to mount on the rear as a blinking light when you ride on the street. When you can see and be seen it makes the bike a lot more enjoyable.  These are easy to install.
Paint. We carry spray.bike paint and roth flake paint and they are great!  You might want to paint your fenders to match or in some other way. A simple stripe is very classy. Painting the plastic fenders is a fun project and anyone can do it. We have a blog about how to do it.  If you want sparkle, one idea would be to add some coats of the blue  Kieren flake paints from spray.bike. Sprayed over a black fender, this would give the bike a little something special in the light.
Last - this is an idea I've had bouncing around in my head. We can cut any of our vinyl into the Super73 logo and that could be applied right on top of the existing one on the bike wherever you want. This would be subtle and unique but very pro style looking.  We would charge a fee for the service and the vinyl and I ballpark it would be maybe $100  for time, material, and shipping. So you could take, for example, the logo on the battery and cover it with a psycho blue or orange or whatever color you want in our vinyl collection. That would be pretty cool.
If you have not done so already, please join our Facebook group and use the discount code for members. Happy customizing! 

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