Get to Know Wolf Tooth Components

Get to Know Wolf Tooth Components

We are super stoked to offer top-shelf chain ring upgrades made by Wolf Tooth Components! This Minnesota-based company is renowned for its high quality chain ring components that fit a number of different widely used crank and bracket styles, and for its innovation. The 104 BCD ring (Black or Red) is a great way to upgrade your stock crank. You might even want to add a couple of teeth to increase your top speed (and reduce the spinning-nothing-happening effect.)

When you spend $60 for a Wolf Tooth 104bcd chainring, you know that you are getting a perfectly machined and finished ring made of 7075-T6 aluminum and it will function very well for a good long time. It is made to a high standard and cut with a proprietary narrow-wide pattern that is unique to them and works great. And it will show up promptly, shipped from Minnesota where it was made. There is at least one and more often several of their products on all of my bikes these day

Wolf Tooth Components sells anodized chain ring bolts in a variety of colors to add bling or complete the look.

Wolf Tooth also produces an ingenious system of small parts for increasing the on-frame carrying ability of your bike. The "B-RAD" system ("Bottle Relocation and Accessory Device") is an innovative, flexible system for organizing on-bike bottle storage and accessories. Use your imagination to configure this smart modular system on your bike to fit your needs! 

The B-RAD system begins with a series of slotted Mounting Bases. Available in a variety of sizes, B-RAD bases can shift a bottle cage away from inconvenient rear shocks, add room for tools or tubes below a bottle cage, or even provide space for a second bottle.

Next you can mount various B-RAD accessories to your B-RAD base or bases. The B-RAD accessories improve or optimize bottle cage locations, add water/tool/spare parts capacity, and there are many more accessories coming in the future.

(You can check measurements of these components with this pdf guide). 

Wolf Tooth makes anodized water cage bolts in a wide variety of colors, too. If I rode a Carmine Red Super73, I would want these red ones everywhere.


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