Ilona Stuijt x Krink x Thousand Helmets!

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Ilona Stuijt x Krink x Thousand Helmets!

Meet Ilona Stujit

Custom73 teamed up with this amazing artist to showcase Krink K-42 Markers and Thousand Helmets!  Please meet Ilona Stuijt! We were super stoked when Ilona agreed to demo our Krink markers on a Thousand helmet and we are blown away by her cool design.

Ilona hails from the Netherlands and you should definitely check out her art on Instagram @lankyartist.  Ilona uses the handle “lankyartist” because: “at 6'2 my height is my most defining feature.” Her biggest passion besides drawing is motorcycles. “My main project this spring is coating my 1986 Suzuki Intruder in a new layer of paint. Not sure what it’s gonna be yet, but you bet it’s gonna make some heads turn.”

Over the last 8 years, Ilona has worked as an artist on a variety of projects, “mostly while traveling, discovering my interests and developing my skills along the way.” Her signature style revolves around line work and organic elements, sometimes with an edgy twist. "Currently, my focus is on collaborations with scenes I feel connected with, riders of all kind, musicians and festivals."








Ilona had a lot of fun with the project, upgraded her gold Thousand Helmet to an absurdly cool level, and even matched her nails to the helmet.

Here’s what Ilona says about the Krink K-42 markers:

The Krink K-42 markers were easy and clean to use, the colors are incredibly vivid. Even on the smooth surface of the helmet the ink dried up well. Only the lighter colors required an extra coat for smooth coverage. I’ve worked with markers before but this was my first project with alcohol based markers, compared to my acrylic markers, the K-42 markers dry up very glossy.

The helmet will need a coating to prevent scratching, which is to be expected since the smooth surface of the helmet can’t bond with the ink.

The Thousand ‘Stay Gold’ helmet is stunning, it’s comfortable to wear and I’m definitely a big fan of the magnetic buckle, I wish motorcycle helmets would have a system like this. 

Like the uber-talented motorcycle-riding Ilona Stujit, our Krink markers are the real deal and “all that” with 100% street cred. The Krink brand originates out of the street art scenes in San Francisco and NYC and is beloved by artists on both coasts.  We sell two types of clear coat that you can use to seal and protect your art. And if you are looking for a light, beautiful helmet for spring and summer riding, you cannot do better than Thousand Helmets, sold at our affiliate store Jack North Bikes.  

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