Motorcyle Tires for 20 x 4 Rims

Motorcyle Tires for 20 x 4 Rims

Here are some pros and cons to adding heavier motorcycle tires to your fat tire ebike.

First: yes. You can fit motorcycle tires on 20 x 4 most fat ebike tire rims. We recommend taking it to a bicycle shop or motorcycle that is game for it. They can do it really fast. Auto tire shops are likely to turn you away because their big tire machines don't work on bicycle tires.


  • Beefier tires are less prone to flats and will last longer.  
  • Different tires radically change the look.
  • Shinko tires are great for dirt and rocks.
  • Scooter tires feel extra gripy.
  • Some people prefer grippy confidence-inspiring tires versus thin bicycle tires.


  • The tires are heavy. You may lose a little range.
  • More inertia will change the way the bike stops and put pressure on stock brake components.
  • Some ebike makers have strongly discouraged motorcycle tires. (For whatever it's worth, here is the all-encompassing official Super73 warning.)

Here are a couple of youtube videos showing installs and discussing.


More than a few people have had success in adding Shinkos to all Super73 models. For these and any other heavy tires we highly recommend upgrading your rotors to the 203mm Galfers offered here.




As the guy below mentions, these are thick tires and putting them on can be a challenge. 

We have not verified this, but reportedly (from Reddit), Conti/Scoot tires will not easily fit the rims of the S-2 and R, but they work on other 20 x 4 rims. 

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