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Supericana Build

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This "summer time" bike build is nostalgic and hip at the same time!  We love the way that Roth Flake's white base coat matches the tires and gives the bike a clean fresh-as-linen look. We created custom decals with a simple retro style and laid on about 5 coats of the Roth Flake All In One "Rajun Red".  The red took on a deep rich candy apple color. Just yum! Stencils were used for the eye-popping star details.
We think it's a dreamy summertime bike! Now its your turn!
Products shown:
- Roth Flake Avalanche White basecoat
- Roth Flake Rajun Red "All in One"
- Roth Flake Bombastic Blue
- Roth Flake Surfite Silver
- Spray Max 2k High Gloss Clear Coat
- Custom73 decals
- Blue KMC chain (Amazon)
We picked up a blue KMC chain on Amazon that just needed to be shortened a few links and brings the whole chain guard area together smartly. 
The rear rack here is our own custom designed prototype and we are producing a quantity of them in China.  If you like it, join our FB group with your email. We are planning to have our first shipment in a month and will offer pre-orders to our facebook group. It is most likely that the first batch will sell out.

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