Womens Artist Series 2020

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Womens Artist Series 2020


Tatiana Kamshilina - Vornonezh, Russian Federation

Whimsical,  Animalistic & Surreal Motifs

Tatiana is an illustrator and animator based in Voronezh, Russia -- an ancient city on the Voronezh River in southwestern Russia, surrounded by pine forests and farmlands. Tatiana is formally trained with degrees in both art and architecture. She has worked as an interior designer, graphic designer, and illustrator and is now focused on visual development and animation. 

Tatiana is a digital artist who creates with rich organic elements using watercolor and collage styles. She prefers animals, natural and mythical themes in her works. There are natural, animalistic and also surreal motifs predominating in Tatiana's works. You can see the inspiration in Tatiana’s illustrations of whimsical woodland creatures and authentic natural elements. Tatiana’s art occasionally features personal and strong feminist themes.

The response to her designs has been off the charts, including, and we quote: “omg omg omg I’m in love.”

 So are we!

Follow Tatiana on Instagram to see more of her work here linktr.ee/tatianakawkaw


Julia Sarapata de Carvalho - Warsawa, Poland

Illustrator | Children's Book Illustrator | Artist

Julia Sarapata de Carvalho is an illustrator from Warsaw, Poland.  Her distinct style bursts with color.  “Since I was very little I have always imagined how the world would look like if cats would have wings not legs, trees would grow giant popcorn instead of fruits and people would only sails boats to travel. “

 She loves spending time with her loving family, and nature. She enjoys forest bike trips, and was a proud electric bike owner and it's passionate driver during her 3 year stay in Yunnan, China. Now, settled back in Warsaw, Poland, she still misses her wonderful vehicle. Even though she can still ride an electric bike in her country, she prefers a traditional and simple one.

Julia’s artistic focus has been on illustration of children’s books and stories, but she freely swims in the world of graphic design, including designs for packaging and tattoo designs. It is her goal to “feed the curiosity and imagination of children and the children which never grew inside of us.”

 We think that concept fits well with all of us on our electric motorbikes, riding around the block like we are kids again.

 Follow Julia on Instagram and see more of her work here.


Ilona Stuijt

Artist | Illustrator | Moto Enthusiast | World Traveller

Ilona Stuijt hails from the Netherlands, but she has spent the last 5 years traveling the world. She rides a motorbike and is plugged in to the moto community. Her biggest passion besides drawing is motorcycles. When we last spoke with her about demonstrating Krink Markers on a Thousand Helmet, she mentioned: “My main project this spring is coating my 1986 Suzuki Intruder in a new layer of paint. Not sure what it’s gonna be yet, but you bet it’s gonna make some heads turn.”  So it made sense to ask her to create designs for the Custom 73's bike decals alongside her latest work of art on her Suzuki!  

Ilona's art features fluid and interesting organic lines. She works with real paint and is comfortable in a number of mediums. Her subjects range from thematical to edgy and are always colorful and fresh.

You should definitely check out her art on Instagram @lankyartist.  Ilona uses the handle “lankyartist” because: “at 6'2 my height is my most defining feature.” 

Ilona is definitely an artist you want to add to your IG feed and you can see more of her art here.



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