73 Light Up Decal

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"73" light up decal!  
This decal will stick to your bike's battery, it's made of vinyl and LED panels. It's light weight and will hold well in your battery. (Custom73: we think this would look great on our racing panels!)

The Decal shown in the photos has a black background (Let us know if you would like a different color for the background). When the logo is on, the color is light blue, when the logo is off, the color is light pink. This cannot be changed. (see photos)

We have 2 options for the battery controller: AA and USB.

The differences between the battery controllers:

- The AA battery controller has 4 modes (continuous, strobe, blink and off) it’s powered by 2 AA batteries (not included it). The decal usually runs for about 4-6 hours (it depends on the battery type or brand, and also the mode you use: continuous, strobe, blink or off).

- The USB battery controller cable doesn't have different modes, your logo will be continuously on all the time, but they can last longer if you have a long lasting usb battery. USB Battery is not included