Your bike ships directly from ONYX. These are their FAQs.


Please read before operating your bike!
Owners Manual

What are the dimensions of the RCR?
The bike measurements are 67" long x 40" high x 27" wide.

How tall is the seat?
The seat is 33." (83.82cm) from the ground with our standard suspension and 31.5" (80.01cm) from the ground with our SHRTY suspension. You should choose your seat height based on comfortability preference. There is no cost difference.

What are the wheel and tire specs?
Both the front and rear rim are 18" in diameter. The rim will fit 2.5" to 3" tires.

Can I throw this bike in the back of my car?
As long as the RCR fits, load it up. You won't have to worry about oil or gasoline leaking. The easiest vehicles to load and unload RCRs include vans, trucks and SUVs.

Can it accommodate a passenger?
Yes, the combined limit for 2 riders is 350 lbs. 


How many speeds does the bike have?
The bike has three modes: ECO tops out at 20mph, NRM at 40mph (off-road), and SPT at 60mph (off-road).

Can I switch modes while riding?
Yes! You are free to switch into off-road modes at your leisure.

Do I need to register this bike?
ONYX RCR classifications vary by state and local laws. Check in with your local DMV. You can read more about Federal E-Bike Legislation here and state e-bike regulations here at peopleforbikes.com

Can I register my bike as a moped?
If you'd like you can register your bike as a moped. For example, in California you can register online or by mail. All that is required is your bikes combined Frame and Motor ID and pay a one time registration fee of $22.00 and your bike is registered for life.

Does the RCR have pedal assist? Do the pedals function?
The RCR does not have pedal assist. The bike is powered by the throttle. The pedals are functional by human power.

Is the bike water resistant?
The bike is water resistant. Riding in the rain is fine. But hosing down the bike is not advised.

Do I have to carry keys?
The short answer is yes, you should. A fob will be required if your battery goes into "power saving mode". As will a key to access your battery.

See our 41ah Battery for more details.
See our 23 Battery for more details.

How long does it take to charge a dead battery?
It depends on if you use our stock 5 amp charger or our 10 amp SFX Charger.
See our 10 amp SFX Charger for more details.


Can I send in accessories to be added to my bike?
No, all customization must be done by the customer once the bike has been delivered.

What is the weight capacity of the rear rack?
40 pounds.

Does ordering BLK panels and/or a short suspension affect the build time?
No. However, any adjustments do need to be communicated with an ONYX representative to ensure your items are added to your bike, before it leaves the facility.

Can I purchase a bike without a battery?

Does the DRT Kit come with an extra set of street tires?
No, if you order the DRT kit, your RCR will come a single set of knobby tires installed.

Do I have to purchase the whole DRT KIT?
No, you can pick and choose any individual items from the DRT KIT to be installed on your bike. Just let us know which ones you'd like!

Do you guys sell replacement parts?
Yes, we sell all parts for replacement.


Do we offer financing?
Yes, we offer a payment plan with Shop payments. It is a monthly payment service. 

How long does it take to ship?
Depending on your location, shipping takes up to a week!

Is there tracking for my order?
Yes! Every order will now come with tracking information as soon as your bike leaves the facility.

Do these bikes ship to Canada?
No, not yet. 

Do we ship to Hawaii?
Yes! ONYX is partnered up with Aloha Freight so the bikes do ship to Hawaii! Shipping time usually takes 5-7 on sea to Honolulu, if on another island you can expect an additional 4-7 days.

Where can I get a status update on my build?
Write us a ticket via the chat box on our website. Include your order number.


Where can I get my bike serviced?
At the ONYX facility in Segundo, California! ONYX will fully service your bike if and when you need it.

What does STD stand for?
STD stands for our standard trim with silver side panels.

Do we carry the RCR in stock?
No, right now each bike is built to order.