Our pre-cut vinyl wrap allows you to add color effects and textures in a decal form that are different than our printed decals and easier than paint. You can add brushed metals, chrome, carbon fiber, camouflage, flake, pearlescent, brilliant glossy or matte colors and a wide variety of constantly evolving modern looking materials. They look great on your e-bike battery, fenders or other parts. You can accomplish subtle custom accents to eye-popping effects. 

Vinyl wrap easily applies to e-bike batteries and chain guards with no heating required. If you are experienced with wrap and want to wrap your fenders of add wrap to other parts of your bike, we offer 30" and 60" rolls suitable for that.

We currently offer pre-cut vinyl wrap for the following:

  • Super73 S-1 Battery and Chain Guard
  • Super 73 S-2 Battery and Chain Guard
  • Uncut Half Roll 12" x 30" or Whole Roll 12" x 60"  

Any thing else that vinyl cut for, we are happy to work with you!

Note: We are not affiliated with Super73. We sell parts and decals for all brands of bikes!