LIGHT UP DECALS by Dykes on Super Bikes

ELECTRIC STYLE!  Light Up your bike with these cool Electric Decals for Super73 electric bike models S2, R and RX. They are light weight (made of vinyl and LED panels) and will stick and hold well to your bike's battery! 

  • The decals shown in the product photos have a black background. Let us know if you would like a different color for the background.
  • When the logo is on, the color is light blue, when the logo is off, the color is light pink. This cannot be changed. (See product photos).

Choose a battery controller

AA Controller.
- The AA battery controller has 4 modes (continuous, strobe, blink and off) it’s powered by 2 AA batteries (not included it). The decal usually runs for about 4-6 hours (it depends on the battery type or brand, and also the mode you use: continuous, strobe, blink or off).

USB Controller.
- The USB battery controller cable doesn't have different modes, your logo will be continuously on all the time, but they can last longer if you have a long lasting usb battery. USB Battery is not included


-If you want to create an electric decal of your personal/existing logo, please email us the logo. It needs to be .png and transparent.

-Ask us if you have a different bike we can work on a custom size or shape!

Fulfilled by our friends at DykesonSuperBikes

Note: We are not affiliated with Super73. We sell parts and decals for all brands of bikes!

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