Most LEVs (LIGHT ELECTRIC VEHICLES) are manufactured overseas and are usually constructed with cheaper, often times, unreliable resources. This typically results in a less refined end product that cannot meet even half the performance metrics of the TRONIC.

TRONIC is offering its components to the majority of the current LEV market. This includes, but is not limited to e-bikes, scooters, electric skateboards, one wheels, unicycles etc. It is also available for use in heavier electric vehicles such as motorcycles and small cars.

By installing this platform, anyone is able to gain unparalleled power and speed in comparison to the stock components most LEVs come assembled with. This gives individuals the ability to fully program and get real-time telemetry via your smartphone APP, while ensuring all components are reliable and durable. The Tronic platform will be also offered as kits (stage 1-3) or as individual parts.