How to Paint Plastic Fenders (Part 4)

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How to Paint Plastic Fenders (Part 4)

Flexible plastic like that used in the S-1 fenders can be tricky to paint. Do it wrong, and the paint flakes off.  But do it right, and the fenders make a great wide surface for customization!  Here's how to paint your Super 73 fenders the right way with paints and material we offer at  TIP: We sell a Paint Project Kit with everything you need (3 types of tape, a mask, degreaser, gloves, sand paper, shop towels) that is discounted (currently by 50%!!) if you buy any paint product.

1. First, remove and wash the fenders and dry with a lint-free cloth. 

2. Look for any scratches or plastic bits sticking up that need to be sanded down or, for large ones, carefully razored off.

Paint Plastic Fenders4. Apply Bulldog adhesion promoter. The tack time is 5 minutes or less. This will keep the paint from flaking off your bendy plastic fender!

5. Apply a light first coat of SEM flexible grey high build primer. Grey is good on the black plastic because any high spots will contrast and you will be able to see when you have a good coat.  It is okay if a little black plastic is still seen though the first coat.  Allow the first coat to flash.  Apply a second light coat of primer. Usually this is enough for the fenders, but you may add a third after this flashes, especially if a scratch line is still showing through. Allow to dry. A few hours at least – overnight preferably.

6. Lightly wet sand with 600 to 800 grit. You can do this in your kitchen sink with the water running on it, or you can have a bucket of water and dip the sanding paper in it. You should have a nice smooth-to-touch finish.  If there are things you don’t like, clean with degreaser, add another light coat of primer, dry, and sand again.  How OCD you get is up to you. 

7.  Paint!  You now have a perfect surface to paint your design on and the paint should stay stuck!  What will you do? Stripes? Flames? Fades? Stencils? Kierin Sparkle? It's gonna be glorious!

 8. Optional clear coat.  We sell Spray.Bikes transparent finish and Spray Max 2K.  A gloss clear coat will make your colors look wet and vibrant and gives a "wow" factor to your paint job.  A matte or satin clear coat will also make your colors look richer, without the gloss.  You may choose to buff 2K Spray Max clear coat to get a smooth glass-like surface.









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