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Bad Azzz Blue Base and Flake, our new Blue Meanie Kandy (navy blue) and Spraymax 2K Clearcoat this kit  has got everything you need for a rich blue color bomb like only Roth paint can deliver.

We have bundled the 4 products that you need to get a truly deep professional-grade flake job with the "classic" 4-step process:

Blue Ballz Basecoat +

Blue Ballz  Flake +

Blue Meanie Kandy +

2k Spray Max Clear Coat.  

$75 plus $6 shipping anywhere in the mainland US. (Separately $81.97)

*Hawaii - UPS AIR Cargo charges apply: roughly $65 for this item as of 11/2020

How to use Roth Flake Rattle Bombs.