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LED BRAKE LIGHT retrofit for Super73 S-2/RX

Top of the line modern LED strip lights retrofit to be plug and play with the S-2 and RX series Super73 bikes. Much wider and brighter than the stock brake light.  The light operates as a taillight/daytime running light until the brake is applied - then it lights up very bright. The light connects directly to the stock brake light connection point - plug n play.  The 8" length fits perfectly in the back part of the Super73 frame or along the two rear forks. Included are two small velcro bands to tidy up wires if needed.

"DOUBLE + Splitter" option is for mounting two strips on the rear forks. Includes two separate strips plus purpose-designed splitter made in Germany.

  • Premium Material Soft rubber strip with 3528 SMD LED. DC 12V voltage.
  • Perfect Fit. 8" fits the rear of the Super73 frame or the fork tubes just right. 
  • Incredible Brightness. LED light color: Red for brake and running. Much wider and brighter than stock.
  • Multi Functions.Tail brake light, running light (see notes)
  • Plug n play

Installation: 1) clean area where light will be applied, 2) peel away tape backing and apply light, 3) plug into yellow 3 pin stock brake connector.  Enjoy!

Installation Tips (READ!): When the strip is bent around the rear curve of the bike frame, this may temporarily cause modest spring pressure on the ends of the strip. It is important to THOROUGHLY clean the entire area so that dirt does not stick to the 3M tape backing and ruin the stickiness. Use firm pressure to press the strip very firmly in place especially at the ends. Use the velcro ties or small zip ties to temporarily hold pressure on the ends of the strip to prevent them from lifting up. After a few days or a week, the strip should relax and shed the spring pressure.  An alternative is to use small black zip ties to hold the strip secure at the ends. These are fairly inconspicuous and it is a common technique. Note that this is not an issue if you apply the strips to the rear forks (because there is no curve there.)

Note: turning signal lights and functions on this strip are not compatible with the Super73 stock brake light configuration, which uses a 3 pin controller. However, an experienced modder or ambitious DIYer can activate them using a separate controller and additional custom wiring. 

NOTE: Not compatible with S-1, Z-1, R, or ZX without additional modifications.