3000 / 5000 Watt Motor 150 dropout (Super73 Z-1)

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Build a fast e-bike with this kit or upgrade your Z-1.

This is the correct dropout for the Z-1 frame. A 72 volt battery is required to power this motor. Max speed? Read our blog here. 

  • MOTOR: 72 V3000W QS 205 
  • 180℃ copper winding with best magnet
  • Rim 20"x4.0
  • 72V 180 A FC controller sabvoton controller with brake light wire
  • Alarm / Bluetooth Adapter /
  • 1:1 PAS / TFT
  • UKC1 colorful display
  • 2 electric brake levers (power off from both)
  • Two Torque Arms
  • Twist Throttle
  • 150 Dropout (Rear fork distance)
  • Fixed Gear
  • Waterproof Cables

Finish your build like a pro with colored wire wrap! Professionally organize your wiring with a variety of colors.

Note 1: Obviously, this sort of modding to any stock bike will not only give you warp speed, but will warp your manufacturer's warranty.  That's a risk you are accepting. Be smart: use a full face helmet and maybe even a jacket with some armor, and gloves - definitely gloves. Don't ride where you will annoy people or might cause an accident. Riding a bike frame at high speeds carries risk of bodily harm or death and you understand and are assuming that risk. Be safe and have fun!

Note 2: This is not "plug n play" modding. This is a fun project, but not a paint-by-the-numbers kit. You will likely need to modify or fabricate parts to make everything fit. But then, your bike will truly be a "built not bought" speedster you can be proud of! 

Add the compatible 72 volt battery and save $40 on the combo!

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