Brushed Chrome Steel

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This is the real deal! Brushed chrome effects with convincing 3D appearance. Delicious accents.

Choose precut vinyl for your battery, battery + chain guard, or uncut full or half roll. SHIPS FREE.

  • This is a special order item with limited stock.

    Product Description

    • Texture:  Brushed
    • Thickness: 3.7 mils 
    • Application: Dry
    • Features: VViViD Natural Air release, Centerpoint Technology, VViViD Heat fuse, VViViD Resist.
    • Adhesive: Acrylic-based, reposition able, slideable
    • Expected durability: 5-7 years.
    • Conformability: Very high
    • Skill level needed: Low.

    • Experience the new XPO series!
    •  suitable for interior applications.
    • VVIVID XPO films are made using a polysol mixture. The film is rated to last 5-6 years. The XPO adhesive showcases the new centerpoint technology developed to give the film easy repositionability and bubble/air removal. The new Air release liner also makes XPO films one of the most reliable vinyls on the market.
    • This Film is Marine safe, may be used on interior and exterior parts. Suitable for architectural applications like desks, cabinets etc..