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We are all about the details! Add BLING to your bike with colored screws to match your paint or add an accent color.

M5 - 8 x 12mm.  A2-70 Stainless steel. 

Minimum Order of SIX please.

Other colors show in pics: Special Order and note order and email

 Multiple steps powder coating process including media blasting to insure the best possible adhesion. The result is an excellent bond that can take a lot of abuse. The threads are kept clean so threading and torquing will not be altered. The head is fully coated which has an added benefit of acting as a gasket helping to keep dirt and water out of the threads, reducing corrosion and difficulty removing.

Powder coating offers an extremely durable, very attractive finish. Powder coat is very chip resistant and will not peel like paint. The powders we use are UV stable (unaffected by the suns uv rays that cause other finishes to fade) and chemical resistant (unaffected by most common products such as cleaners, fuel, brake fluid, solvents etc. even acetone) these fasteners will look great for many years with minimal care. Clean as you would most anything, cloth, brush etc.