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Custom73 Super73 Custom Decal Set
Super73 x Kawasaki Maship Custom Decal Set


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Unmistakable green machine fun!  For a long time, Kawasaki stayed out of Moto GP.  They are back with an inspiring new look, but still distinctively bright green. Transform your bike into a lean, green racing machine -- a Supersaki.  All the pieces are available here to give your bike a complete racing livery package, including race plate decals and wheel tape.

Bundle and save.

Additional customization is available. Aluminum Race Plates are sold separately.

 *Disclaimer. We are not associated with Super73 and we do not sell electric bikes. We make stickers that fit the Super73 and we can make stickers for any other kind of bike. If you want a different number on this sticker, let us know.  If you want a completely custom sticker, we can do that, too.


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