S-2 Super Useful Bolt-On Panniers

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Laser Cut Aluminum Panniers for the Super 73 S-2! 

What's great about these panniers? They put the "fun" in functional!

- They are Super Easy to Bolt On.

- They are laser cut from durable aluminum (USA made!)

- They feature Military-spec style MOLLE holes. This allows you to strap-mount all sorts of standard equipment (including the MOLLE water carrier we sell!).

- The racks feature SIX M5 HOLES in standardized water-bottle cage configuration!  The standard spacing means that almost any water bottle cage will bolt right on! Other products use this standard spacing such the Wolf Tooth B-RAD system components and our Bolt-On 12 volt battery carrier. This allows a ton of load-out options!

-Turn signal holes. The two larger holes in the corner are for mounting turn signals and slipping the wire to the rear of the pannier. 

-The panniers come in RAW or METALLIC BLACK or BLACK (MER's special heavy duty black powder coat finish.)

-Bottle opener

We think these are the best panniers available for the Super73 S-2 electric bike. They are super easy to install, heavy duty, and extremely functional. And they look great!