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Slices by Saints of Speed
Slices by Saints of Speed
Slices by Saints of Speed
Saints of Speed

Slices by Saints of Speed

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Fulfilled by our friends at Saints of Speed

You found them, the world’s first Pizza gloves! ...That's right, you won't find these anywhere else! Get a pair of slices before we run out! 


*Now phone capable! Snag those trail shots without taking your gloves off! 

-All of our gloves feature a classic chassis design equipped with soft, stretchable, & breathable polyester on top of the hand & finger gussets.

-A thumb pad for added grip & wear resistance at friction points. 

-A simplistic, no hassle, fully adjustable, neoprene/velcro secured cuff for easy ingress & egress.

-No padding on the palm for maximum tactic functionality and feedback from your bike or vehicle. 

-Synthetic leather palm with silicone accents for added grip on the fingers and thumb. 

-Strategically placed perforations on the palm for maximum breathability. 

-TPR SOS logo velcro strap design.

Fitment: Please reference our size chart photo to find your size. 

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