"Stubby" Black CNC Machined Headlight Brackets

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Short Length High quality CNC machined headlight mounts from Max Inc.

Looking for premium high quality headlight mounts - these are the bomb-proof mounts you want! 

NOTE: This item has various sizes for different size forks. Please ensure you measure your forks accurately at the place of fitment before ordering. This item cannot be exchanged once purchased.  

For Super 73 7/8 handlebar and S-1/Z1 forks = 31 mm mount: Use the 32.33 mm size and add rubber inserts or rubber tape to fit snugly. We will include aluminum shims.

For Super73 S-2 fork = 32/33 mm mount

For Super 73 R/RX fork = 42/43 mm mount

These unique headlight brackets are designed and manufactured by Max-Inc. What we love about them: you do not need to remove the top triple clamp to install them because the mounting loop opens with a nut. Also, they articulate to accommodate various light sizes!

These High Quality Ultra Short Headlight Brackets are made from CNC Machined T6061 Billet Aluminium and have adjustable arms which allow for different width headlights. The Fork Clamps are 2 separate pieces so they can be mounted onto the forks without having to drop the forks down from the triple tree (yoke). 


2.87" extension (triangular part)
T6061 CNC machined aluminium
2-piece fork clamps
304 grade stainless steel Allen bolts
Finish: black anodised with polished inserts
Package includes: 2 x headlight brackets
These headlight brackets are not E-marked