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The Ranger - Super73 Battery Upgrade (S2, R, & RX)
The Ranger - Super73 Battery Upgrade (S2, R, & RX)
The Ranger - Super73 Battery Upgrade (S2, R, & RX)
The Ranger - Super73 Battery Upgrade (S2, R, & RX)
The Ranger - Super73 Battery Upgrade (S2, R, & RX)
The Ranger - Super73 Battery Upgrade (S2, R, & RX)
The Ranger - Super73 Battery Upgrade (S2, R, & RX)
The Ranger - Super73 Battery Upgrade (S2, R, & RX)
Chi Battery Systems

The Ranger - Super73 Battery Upgrade (S2, R, & RX)

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Super73 Battery Upgrade (S2, R, & RX)

This is an advance order for The Ranger. Current shipping estimation is 3-6 weeks. We hope to beat this window and will keep you updated as things change!

Bundle with Fast Charger Option! For all orders placed after 6/16/2021, the Super Fast Charger is currently on back order until early to mid July. If your battery is ready before the charger is available, we will ship the items separately.

The Ranger is a Plug and Play battery solution for the Super73 S2, R, & RX. With the ability to double your range, The Ranger helps squash range anxiety and keep the adventure going.

What does Plug and Play mean? It means there are no modifications needed to use this battery. Install or remove the whole system with ease. The Ranger works in tandem with your stock battery - they charge together and drain together. Built with the stock battery connector and charge port, The Ranger provides the best compatibility available - no need for a new charger!


  • Plug and Play battery upgrade

  • Doubles your bikes capacity from 20 Ah to 40 Ah

  • Original Super73 battery connector and charge port

  • Easily mounts in the bike frame

  • Works with stock charger and our Super Fast Charger

  • Install:

    Install is easy - 2 screws to secure the mount and a few zip ties to secure the cable. The splitter cable that comes out of the mount uses the same connectors as stock, so it only takes a few moments to connect.


    How do I connect the battery safely? Due to the nature of parallel batteries, you want to make sure both batteries are fully charged before connecting and riding. When the light on your charger turns green you will know they are fully charged. Make sure both batteries are turned on before riding.

    Why do both batteries need to be fully charged before connecting? Connecting at different voltage levels causes an influx of current to the battery with less charge. That influx of current can damage both batteries.

    How do I power the system on? Power on your stock battery first and then power on the Ranger.

    How do I power the system off? Power off the Ranger first and then power off the stock battery.

    What if I do not follow the power sequence? We have found it can sometimes (not all the time) result in a glitch where the display will not turn on and the trigger will not engage. Power the whole system off and then back on again in the correct order to resolve the issue. If this does not work then wait a few minutes and try again.

    Can The Ranger replace my stock battery entirely? No, the stock battery is still required because the battery management system in the stock battery is key to the functionality of the bike.

    How does charging work? The Ranger comes with the same charge port as the stock battery which means it can be charged by your stock charger. When the batteries are connected on the bike, plugging one charger in will charge the whole system together. You can also plug in two chargers at the same time to charge faster.

    Can I charge with one fast charger and one stock charger at the same time? Yes you can! Even though the chargers are at different rates, it will charge the whole system at the sum of both charging rates. When the batteries are connected just think of them as one big battery with two charge ports.

    How long does it take to charge? Since you now have double the battery capacity, you will also have double the charge time.

    Will my battery gauge still be accurate with the extra battery? Yes it will!

    Will the Ranger increase my top speed? No it will not. The Ranger is a range modification. To increase the speed you would need to use a different controller - but you may see better performance and less voltage sag when the battery is low.

    Please email support@chibatterysystems.com with questions. Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you with anything you need. We strongly value the relationship with our community - if you email us, expect to hear back soon. Just keep in mind our business hours!

    * This is a genuine ChiBatterySystem product. Use of the trademarked name Super73 is for purposes of identifying the application of this product and does not indicate any affiliation, endorsements, license or other association with Super73.

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