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The best street style grip in the industry has now made it to e-motorbikes. We offer them in  7/8" for Super73 and similar electric bikes in a variety of awesome colors!

They feature the classic Vans waffle sole pattern with a domed center section for improved comfort and vibration dampening. Using proprietary rubber compound, Cult have created a grip that we hope will become as much of a classic as a pair of Vans. 

Please note: these are meant to slide on over a twist throttle on side, like any other standard motorbike rubber grip. A throttle tube is required for these grips to work on your motorbike. The grip does not include a built in throttle tube. Each set comes with two grips, one grip with a small inside diameter to slide over the handle bar and another grip with a larger inside diameter that slides over the throttle side. If you do not have a twist throttle, you would need two sets of the grips to get two small 7/8" grips.

125mm length.

Sold in pairs.

Proudly made in the USA!