"YOU-BILT" Light Kit #1 for Vintage H4 or H6 Headlights

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Kit to Retrofit Motorcycle Headlights for Ebikes

WITH THIS KIT, any 12 volt motorcycle headlamp that uses an H4 or H6 bulb can be retrofitted to run on an e-bike electric system and shine much brighter. You just need to swap out the old bulb for the one we send you and splice a HIGO connector on to it. These kits are made for the Super73 2018 - 2022 bikes with HIGO 3 pin connectors (S-2 and RX). 

With the kits, we supply everything except the headlight, so you can find the unique and perfect light that fits your vision. Go scouting on Amazon, Ebay or the motorbike junkyard and create your own unique style. This is a super easy and fun project! Be sure to identify whether you need the H4 or H6 version. See pics.

If you like the light in the pictures, we are happy to send you that, as well, ready for you to do a little DIY assembly and save $.


  • 3 Pin HIGO connector
  • H4 or H6 bulb (12 - 60v)
  • Side mounts for 7/8" (22mm) stock handlebar.
  • Heavy duty shrink tube wrapping 

Note that there are a lot of different ways to mount a light. You can mount on the handlebars or on the fork tubes. Our included side mounts may not be suitable for what you have in mind.

Does NOT include:

  • Headlamp
  • Soldering material
  • Electric tape
  • Tools
  • Bolts that will fit your headlamp (there are variances)