About our Decals

We make decals for all sorts of things, including e-bikes! Our Custom-Ebike Decals are printed on high quality outdoor grade vinyl, come cut to shape, and are either matte or gloss laminated.  Select products are offered in a sandy matte heavy duty hi tack material with a slightly gritty feel. Laminate adds durability (scratch protection); as well as UV protection; which extends the life of the sticker (Average outdoor lifespan is about 4-5 years in all weather conditions). Our stickers are water proof, weatherproof and can even be run through your dishwasher (top rack air dry)! 

These products can be used in just about every weather condition in the deserts and tundras, on boats, ships, motorcycles, and airplanes and still hold on. :)
We are open to new ideas and collaborations. Please send us your suggestions! 
The wheel tape fits most 20 inch wheels, so it can be used on many different bikes. 
1. We highly recommend removing any existing decal and cleaning the area with a prep pad or with soap and warm water and drying.  (It is possible to lay the decal over most stock stickers and it will look ok.  However, the edges will not be perfectly flat against the battery surface.)
2. The decals are tough enough that you can carefully remove and reposition them when you are first applying.
3.  Once you have it right, you can use a credit card to squeegee the decal evenly on the surface area. You can probably just use your fingers as you go along.
If you like a design, but want it in a different color, we will do that for free. Just send an email to support@custom-ebike.com. You can email us a color that you want to match and let us know what decal you want modified and how.  If you want more customization, we charge $35 an hour for design time.