12 Volt Battery Container

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 This bolt-on metal container holds your Talentcell 12 volt battery securely to the down tube. Bolts in place using the water cage tap holes on the frame. Velcro straps hold the battery in place. It is powder coat gloss black. This is by far the best solution for mounting a 12 volt battery to your bike to run Custom-Ebike or Kanebilt lights or any other 12 volt items. Talentcell batteries include a USB port so you can charge your phone or any other device.

Note - we do not ship batteries outside of the continental USA, but we can ship you the container, and you can find the battery on Amazon. We also sell a connector for the battery with a 3-pin HIGO end to power our lights or Kanebilt lights.

Note: Our battery holder will work on most bicycles and electric bikes that use the standard water bottle cage configuration!
The standard bottle cage has two mounting holes, two and a half inches (64 mm) apart, to match the threaded holes in the frame, and through which small bolts pass. Some have a strap, adjustable for non standard bottles.

The holes are usually sized and threaded to accept an M5 x 0.8 bolt, which means 5 mm in diameter and threads 0.8 mm apart (pitch).[5].  Our battery holder has three long slots in the back that can accomodate any variations in the standard configuration and which also allow you to adjust it to your liking.