48v to 12v Converter

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Run 12 volt accessories on your 48 volt electric bike with this tiny converter. Add any sort of 12 volt headlight, underbody lights, horns, or other 12 volt accessory to your bike!

  • Super small dimensions: 2" x 1.5" x 1"
  • Wide input voltage from 20~60 Vdc.
  • 100% waterproof & anti-shock protection, Ultra compact size, light weight.
  • Industry grade 48 volt to 12 volt dc converter, efficiency up to 96%.
  • Certificates: CE/RoHS.
  • Waterproof level: IP68.Plastic shell, epoxy potting, Cooling by free air convection.
  • Protections: Over-current, Over-voltage, Over-temperature.
  • Over-load and Short-circuit, Auto-recovery when device is back to normal operating.
  • Non-Isolated Module
  • Constant Voltage Design.

DISCLAIMER: While this is not difficult to install, it is definitely not a "plug and play" product. No warranties are made other than that the device functions properly. Adding this to any stock electric bike system will probably void your warranty.

Installation suggestion (tested on S-1): Remove the battery. Open the plastic cradle cover to expose the opposite ends of the 4 metal primary connector prongs. (S2/RX/R/ZX have more prongs). Carefully attach the positive and negative to the two prongs (one positive and one negative) that are not used by the battery. Use good wiring practices. Be absolutely sure that no exposed wires are touching each other or any other prong. Be sure to completely seal your connections with shrink tube and/or liquid electric tape. Route the yellow and black wires out with the stock wiring and close the cover. Carefully complete your circuit: connect your yellow wire and black out to your 12 volt device or a distributor board and properly secure and waterproof every connection.  As shown in the photos, the small converter can easily be hung on the handlebar with zip ties, but you could probably hide it in an electric box under the cross tube or on the down tube. Reinstall the battery and enjoy your new 12 volt converted auxiliary!