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Fulfilled by our friends at Powerful Lithium - We cannot deliver within the EU and UK at this time due to shipping regulations adopted in 2022.

Meet Powerful LIthium's 60 volt 'Aura' long-range battery for the Sur-Ron & Segway X160/X260.  This battery is an ideal drop-in replacement upgrade for your Sur-Ron if you plan on using  your stock controller.  This pack IS compatible with aftermarket controllers, however you will have to set your DC/battery amp levels to no more than 150 amps.

The dimensions of this pack are designed to match the stock battery size making it an easy, direct drop-in replacement to add range to your stock Sur-Ron setup. If you plan on upgrading your controller to support higher discharge power levels, we recommend our 60V Aion battery pack or our 72V Anake battery pack.

Like all POWERFUL LITHIUM batteries, charging and discharging is done through the BMS, giving you peace of mind riding with the safest 60V battery on the market.


Capacity 50 Ah
Cell Type: Samsung 50E 21700
BMS: ANT BMS with Bluetooth
Power Rating (through BMS): 100-150 Amps / Up to 11 kW
Connector: Supra, QS8 (Select below)
Stock Controller Compatible: Yes - Also compatible with any aftermarket controller



This battery is compatible with the stock battery lid.

Lead Time: 9 - 21 days