8-Bit Kit One by Wolf Tooth Components

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Fulfilled by our friends at Wolf Tooth Components

The new 8-Bit System is a group of multi-tools designed to work together to solve most trailside fixes to keep you rolling to the trailhead or next town. They are lightweight, strong, versatile, and small enough to fit in a jersey pocket or riding tool wrap. The three neatly nest together using magnets and clever machining for compact storage. 

8-BIT PACK PLIERS MULTI-TOOL has 17 functions. On one end of the multi-tool, an 8mm hex swivel head serves as a driver for the bits that are stored inside: flat head #3.5 and phillips #2 screwdriver bits; 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, and 6mm hex; and T10 and T25 Torx-compatible bits. A spoke wrench and valve core wrench are stored on the back and a rasp is on the inside of the upper handle for clearing sealant from valve stems. On the other end of the multi-tool, pliers for master link installation/removal and tightening/loosening of valve stem nuts.

8-BIT TIRE LEVER + RIM DENT REMOVER MULTI-TOOL has two functions. A slender, ergonomic plastic tire lever is on one end opposite of a machined aluminum rim dent remover. The tire lever will work with all tubed and tubeless tires, while the rim dent remover is compatible with all metal rims.

8-BIT CHAINBREAKER + UTILITY KNIFE MULTI-TOOL has three functions. It has a chainbreaker on one end and a retractable utility blade on the other. The chain tool is operated by an included 3mm hex L key that doubles as a tire plug inserter. A machined slot fits the L key and converts the entire multi-tool into a tire plug inserter, with the forked end of the L key extending outward. The handles of this multi-tool slide open to provide storage for tire plug inserts, a valve core, and a spare mini utility blade. 

Each multi-tool can be paired with any other multi-tool or both. They are sold separately and in this group of three. All existing 8-Bit Pack Pliers are compatible with the two new 8-Bit System multi-tools.


In this "how-to" video learn to:

  • use the blade
  • replace the blade
  • use the chainbreaker
  • use the tire plugger
  • stack the tools


8-Bit Utility Blade sizes

  • Presta valve core can not exceed 25.4mm in length (Presta valve core not included)

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Tech Specs

    Weight & Dimensions:  
    • 8-Bit Kit One: 171 g - 146mm x 20mm x 28mm
    • 8-Bit Chainbreaker + Utility knife Multi-tool: 71 g  - 146mm x 20mm x 11mm
    • Tire Lever + Rim Dent Remover Multi-tool: 29.5 g  - 146mm x 20mm x 8mm
    • 8-Bit Pack Pliers: 70 g  -  146mm x 20mm x 9mm


    • 7075-T6 aluminum handles, CrV tool steel swivel head, S2 tool steel bits
    • High-strength nylon composite tire lever

    Max Torque:

    • Max torque for 8 mm hex bit – 40 Nm
    • Max torque for 4, 5, 6 mm hex bits & T25, T30 bits – 20 Nm
    • Max torque for all other bits – 10 Nm

      Made in the USA

      Patents Pending

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