Bombastik Blue All-In-1 Rattle Bomb!

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Blue Flake Spray Paint. Bombastik Blue All-In-1 Rattle Bomb!

All-In-1 Rattle Bombs! This is the stuff--authentic American original from Daddy Roth in Fremont, man. Beloved by hot rodders, custom bike builders, hydroboats, low riders, and artists - this is the one.  Now this fire comes in a can!

How to Use:

Cut Costs, not Quality!  For lightning fast real ROTH FLAKE paint sparkle, go with these All-In-1 Rattle Bombs. 

-Choose your Color and then either Skidmark Black or Avalanche White for a basecoat, and you are set!  

- Spray 5 Coats of the All-In-1 Rattle Bombs over an evenly applied Basecoat for the best results and a vibrant look.  

-Finish your paint job with SPRAYMAY CLEAR COAT for ultimate shine, polishable mirror-like finish, and protection.(We use and bundle High Gloss aka "Glamour" or "Glam" for the best results with the All-In-One flake paints.  Matte and Satin are also available.)

Image: shown Over Skidmark Black Basecoat (Left) and Avalanche White (Right).

How to SAVE:

-SAVE A BUCK: add your BLACK or WHITE BASECOAT for $18.99 (regular $19.99)

-SAVE TWO BUCKS: add Spray Max 2K Glamour Clear Coat for $20 (regular $21)