Chimera Engineering Lightening Series Light Weight Rear MOLLE Side Panels - Super73 ZX

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The Chimera Engineering Lightening Series MOLLE Panels set is a revolutionary accessory that transforms your bike into the ultimate adventure machine!  This rear MOLLE side panels for the ZX will provide a secure and customizable platform for all your favorite bike accessories or gears! With its cleverly designed hole spacing and adjustable slotted section, you can position and mount everything exactly where you want it. The hole spacing is the same spacing as a water bottle holder, if it fits there, it'll fit here and more!

Crafted to perfection, the complete Lightening MOLLE Storage Panel set is tailored for the Super73 ZX, perfectly contouring to its frame for a sleek and customized appearance. Stand out from the crowd and make your ZX a true standout in both style and functionality!

Made from light weight 3.3mm (1/8") aluminum, right here in the USA! Powder coated texture black, mounting hardware is Included. Set comes included with both sides (left and right).

Chimera Engineering Lightening Series

The Chimera Engineering Lightening series is a line of high-quality products specifically designed for e-bikes and Super 73 models. These products are expertly crafted to be lightweight, functional, and durable, all while boasting a sleek design. Whether you're looking to upgrade your e-bike or Super 73, the Lightening series has exactly what you need to take your ride to the next level.

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