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This Top Clamp will fit the Chimera Moto Style Triple Clamp for Super73 ZX Front Suspension!  Take the GoPro on your next ride adventures! Easy to install by removing the 4 bolts on the handlebar riders to remove the existing top clamps, the mount on the new Chimera Top Clamp with integrated GoPro mount and you're set! Mount on your GoPro camera and document all of your riding adventures! This top clamp will accept all original GoPro mounting buckles.

Available in Black, Gunmetal Grey, Red, or Silver.

Proudly made in the U.S.A!

    Note: the Triple clamp will fit the suspension of the S-2, but it is half the height of the stock steering tube. So you can use this top clamp on your S-2 as show in ghe phots, but you need to lift the two handlebar clamps up using a longer bolt and spacer of some sort like we did. Otherwise, the lower cross-bar of the handlebar will contact the steering tube and prevent the parts from fitting.