72 Volt 32ah Battery

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72 Volt 32 AH 100 BMS Battery

This 72 Volt Battery has the correct connectors for the NB motor kits used and supplied by MER (Moto Electric Racing Co.) This is your best option for a 5000 watt motor build with the NB Power motors.

Includes 72V5A charger.

Finish your build like a pro with Techflex colored wire sleeving! Professionally organize your wiring with a variety of colors.

Note 1. MER can modify its enclosure to mount this battery and controller system!  Please contact support@custom-ebike.com to discuss the details of your build if you are buying an enclosure package.

Note 2: obviously, this sort of modding to any stock bike will not only give you warp speed, but will warp your manufacturer's warranty.  That's a risk you are accepting. Be smart: use a full face helmet and maybe even a jacket with some armor, and gloves - definitely gloves. Don't ride where you will annoy people or might cause an accident. Riding a bike frame at high speeds carries risk of bodily harm or death and you understand and are assuming that risk. Be safe and have fun!

Fulfilled by our friends at MER: SHOP HERE

For Motor and Battery Kits: allow 2-3 weeks for handling & shipping. SHIPS FROM CHINA. NO RETURNS. 

For Custom MER Enclosures with Motor and Battery: allow 3-4 weeks to build and for handling & shipping. SHIPS FROM USA. NO RETURNS. 

We do not offer returns for batteries. Once shipped, sale is final. Orders may be canceled within two days of placing it. The manufacturer offers a one year warranty and we will endeavor to facilitate the process for warranty claims, but this can take some time.


    18650 32BD
    Combination method
    Typical capacity(0.5C)
    Nominal voltage
    Max. charge voltage
    Discharge cut-off voltage
    Standard charge current
    Max Charge current
    Max discharge current
    Weight (Approx.)
    Max. dimension(L×W×H)(mm)

    Operating temperature

    Cycle Life
    ≥ 600 cycle



    Amp hour is the rating used to tell consumers how much amperage a battery can provide for exactly one hour.  For large batteries, the rating is abbreviated as Ah.  A battery with a 10 Ah rating will last twice as long as a battery with a 5 Ah rating when used under similar conditions, but it does not mean that it will actually last 10 full hours. This is an important distinction to make because certain applications are more demanding than others. For instance, a scooter driving through a hilly neighborhood will put more strain on a battery regardless of its amp hour rating, but a battery with a higher rating will be better able to handle that strain and have power left over. 

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