LIMITED EDITION! REDWALL Vee Speedster 20 x 4 inch Tire for Ebikes

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LIMITED EDITION RED and GREY Vee Speedster 20 x 4 inch Tire for Ebikes

We've scored a few of these limited edition color versions of the Vee Speedster. Buy your set now before they're gone! Price is for one pair - two tires.

The Speedster is designed for rolling speed and minimal drag on hard-pack dirt and paved terrain. A honeycomb center tread provides minimal rolling resistance and unbelievable tread life while delivering excellent traction in dry or wet conditions on unpredictable surfaces. Large diamond shaped side knobs will impress with enormous grip in the corners. As an added plus, with its balloon-style structure you’ll feel like you’re floating on air every ride, everywhere.

Don't buy fake Vee Tires! There is a widely distributed counterfeit version of these tires coming from Asia that other vendors will sell you for less. Although photos may look the same, the fake versions do not use the Vee rubber compound, the logos are "off", and the color is inconsistent. You get what you pay for! 

Diameter: 406

102 - 406

This tire fits on all 20"  rims wider than 50 mm (~1,97 inches) ! But please check frame/fork for clearance!

On a 82 mm (~3,,22 inches) rim the tire is about 105 mm (~3,66 inches) wide and it will 72 mm (~2,83 inches) protrude over the rim.


MPC Compound

E-Bike ready 25

8-20 PSI (0.6 - 1.4bar)

Weight: ~ 1,4 kg (~3,09 pounds)

External Diameter of Speedster Whitewall 20 x 4 on 105 mm (~4,13 inches) rim is ~590 mm (~23,22 inches) - May vary because of pressure.
If you assemble the tire on wide rims not to put more pressure than 20 PSI. It could blast.


We recommend using a tube.