Morse Cage Ti Limited Edition Gold by Wolf Tooth Components

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The Wolf Tooth Morse Cage is made at Wolf Tooth in Minnesota. The gold color is not an anodized finish, rather it is a titanium nitride coating that adds a beautiful and durable finish. Titanium nitride coating is commonly used on things like drill bits and shock stanchions, so you know it is durable. 

Named for its dot-dash-dot-dash mounting pattern, the Morse Cage base plate offers four positions to allow for 32mm of vertical adjustment, fully capturing one mounting bolt in every position to prevent movement. The Morse Cage will never mar your bottles and can be bent back into shape if damaged.

  • Hand-bent hollow titanium tubing

  • Total weight of 33g (or roughly two DVDs, if you can remember DVDs)

  • Fits any frame that has a standard bottle cage mount with bolt spacing of 64mm (most modern frames)

  • Made here in our Minnesota machine shop

  • Versatile option for bikes with multiple bottle cage mounts, full-suspension frames, smaller frames, and bikes with any size of frame bag

  • Compatible with Wolf Tooth B-RAD Mounting Bases to adjust bottle positioning even further


Wolf Tooth Morse Cage Animation


  • Fits any bike frame that has two standard 64mm spacing bottle cage mounts–most modern frames

Tech Specs

Material: 3-2.5 titanium tubing
Weight: 33g 
Coating: Titanium nitride
Made in the USA