db Dirtybike Industries Sur-Ron Rear Sprockets

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Add a larger rear sprocket and get better acceleration! This is a must for off road. Better acceleration, better hill climbing and longer run time with only a small reduction in top speed. 

DirtyBike Industries sprockets are OEM quality zinc coated steel sprockets with beveled edges for smooth chain engagement. 

Remember, It's always a good idea to replace the front and rear sprockets as a set to reduce premature sprocket and chain wear. 

These sprockets do require a longer 420 chain. You can just add a few links to your existing chain but it is always recommended to install a new chain when new sprockets are installed. The length of chain needed depends on what size sprocket you are using. 

Stock 48T Sprocket = 106L Chain

52T Sprocket = 108L Chain

54T Sprocket = 110L Chain

56T Sprocket = 112L Chain

58T Sprocket = 112L Chain

60T Sprocket = 114L Chain

Note: We are substituting the Amped Bikes 54Tooth Sprocket for the DB sprocket at this time. 

Designed to give more torque to the Sur-Ron X.  The 54 tooth sprocket is a great choice for riders of all sizes. If you are looking for more low end torque for steep or tight terrain consider upgrading to a higher tooth sprocket. 
  • Material is aluminum 7075-T6
  • Color Black
  • Additional chain links not included
  • Refer to table below for chain length needed:
Sprocket Size (Teeth)  Chain Size
48 Tooth (OEM Size)

106 Link

54 Tooth (Preferred)

110 Link

58 Tooth

112 Link

64 Tooth

116 Link