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Tough, squishy rubber grips that lock on. Great color accents to match the Wolf Tooth line up. 

Wolf Tooth Echo Lock-On Grips are made for mountain biking in any/all forms - and great for ebikes! The rubber material is soft and tacky to the touch, while the alternating diagonal pattern of the grip keeps the rider’s hand in place with or without gloves in any conditions. Grips are made with black molded rubber and come with anodized aluminum collars that match the eight primary colors of other Wolf Tooth anodized accent pieces. Includes Wolf Tooth plastic bar end plugs. Upgrade to matching Alloy Bar plugs or store tools in your handlebars with the Wolf Tooth EnCase System.
132mm long and 32mm diameter
Bolt in collar is tightened/loosened via 3mm hex wrench
All pieces are available as replacement parts via Wolf Tooth’s Right to Repair program

Fits all standard 22.2mm handlebars.

Wolf Tooth End caps, chain ring bolts, and M5 bolts all match these perfectly!