Gates GT4 Power Grip Belt

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We have found the optimal belt width for the Sur Ron and Segway is 16 mm, there have been many belts made available in the 17mm width with the thought being that the widest possible fit, will be the strongest, unfortunately, that has come to be untrue and confirmed during our time working with Gates-Belts engineers. Most commonly due to the slight misalignment of the motor and jackshaft pulley, the belt can push its way to the outside edge and begin causing friction on the sides of the belt. This increased friction will cause pre-mature failure of most belts, and unwanted pulley wear. Not to mention belt tracking which will limit the belt's actual contact points on your pulley.

The OEM Sur Ron sprocket pulleys are HTD style (High Torque Drive) and the Gates GT4 Belts are a high-torque synchronous belt that has an ever so slightly different tooth shape. This makes it critical according to Gates engineers to make sure the belt has slight clearance to the flanged pulleys. Allowing a .5mm clearance to each side of the pulley has seemed to increase the Sur Ron GT4 Powergrips belt's longevity and reduce the heat multiplier caused by friction and tight tolerances. These are the correct specifications recommended for the Sur Ron and Segway HTD pulleys provided by the belt engineers. OEM (stock) belts are not made to last. They wear and break far sooner than many aftermarket belts, which is why replacing your Sur-Ron or Segway belt is a good investment in your bike's future.

This heavy-duty replacement belt is a direct fit for your Light Bee X, X160, or X260 and is far more durable than your stock belt, and any other aftermarket belt. It has undergone numerous stress tests to ensure that you get long-lasting wear from it. The GritShift team usually rides every weekend and we have been in that position where a broken belt sent us home for the day, so we made sure to do proper testing to make sure we can not only offer ourselves a proven product but offer it to you as well. Our Gates GT4 belts are all made right here in the USA as well! The next generation of its high-torque synchronous belt uses an ethylene elastomer. The new construction, a change from the previous versions made with chloroprene, gives the belt unique performance characteristics. You won't be disappointed and are guaranteed to spend less time changing out belts when you go with this Gates GT4 Powergrip 16mm belt over any other belt on the market.


  • Direct OEM Fit
  • Install Takes 0.5-1 Hour For Install
  • Larger temperature range capability
  • Tested At High HP with 72V Applications
  • Tested & Proven With Gates Belts Engineers
  • OEM Replacement Upgrade
  • Manufactured In The USA