GritShift Replacement Ignition Switch

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Replace your Sur Ron or Segway's worn out ignition switch with this direct fit replacement. Over time many Surrons have seen failed ignition switches' causing your favorite e-bike to begin cutting off with any slight bump taken through the bike's suspension. This creates quite a dicey situation if you are an experienced rider or pushing to learn on more advanced terrain. This situation only gets worse from there eventually you will need to wiggle the key to get the bike to attempt to power on and eventually the contacts become so worn the bike may not want to power on at all.

The plug and play design of this switch make's installation a breeze. To Install simply remove the 2 Allen head bolts going to the ignition switch cover. Then disconnect the ignition switch wiring underneath the panel by compressing the connector tab and pulling it apart. The last step is to remove the ignition assembly from the switch cover panel, to remove simply compress the 2 clips on each side of the ignition switch and push the ignition assembly through the cover panel.

  • Plug and play
  • Direct replacement for Surron and Segway Models
  • Anti-theft functions
  • Easy installation
  • 2 keys included, you will need to retain your original key for the battery lid, as these keys does not change or work with the original battery lid