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Titanium Closed End Rear Axle Hub Nuts - Super73 S1/Z1

Titanium is beloved by cyclists and mountain bikers because it is light and strong. It also magically anodizes into the most excellent shades of black, gold, and rainbow. These "Knurley Titan Nuts" are knurled in a non-gnarly way that makes them easy to install. Anodized titanium colors give a pro style detail to your bike. The strongest most excellent end caps you can find! 

Add bling and easily tighten with the knurled grip. Matches great with the Knurley Flip Pegs!

  • Sold in Pairs 14mm for REAR
  • Billet Titanium
  • Hard Knurled Finish.
  • Available in these cool colors: rainbow, black, polished, gold. 
  • Made by Eccult Parts in USA.

Add matching front nuts.

Add Eccult Straight Pegs (fits the S1).

Add Chimera Axle Puller  for S1 Z1

Installation tip: use WD 40 to clean and lubricate the axle and inside the nut. Use a shop towel to protect the finish on the nut when tightening.