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Let there be Lights!

If you want to add turn signals and 12 volt brake lights and headlights to your build, this is a kitted wiring harness with a 72 volt to 12 volt converter to accomplish that. It comes kitted out with a 12 volt light and brake with integrated turn signals. However, most modders are going to want to add their own (video below shows us testing LED strips and a custom tail light/turn signal). With a 12 volt lighting harness, you can find whatever style turn signals or lights or brakes that you want from the world of motorcycle 12 volt parts and customize your build. You can easily wire in front turn signals to the harness. It's from the NB Power Motors factory in China and works great with the NB Power motor kits. The converter has a positive and negative connector that you can easily connect to your controller's corresponding terminals.

This is a raw wiring harness - meaning, you will need to figure out how you want to package and hide the wiring in your build.  We were able to stash everything neatly into the 20ah/3000 watt custom enclosure.

The lighting harness is kitted with the following:

  • 72 volt to 12 volt converter
  • headlight with waterproof connector
  • brake light with integrated turn signal
  • flasher fuse
  • key switch for on/off
  • horn
  • HIGO connections for brake levers
  • Handlebar switch to control lights and horn

Please note: this is a product that we offer for modders only. We absolutely cannot accept returns and you agree to that when you order this.