Mika Metals 7/8" Pro Series 7075 Handlebars RC BEND

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  • Mika Metals Pro Series Hybrid 7/8" Handlebars

    Mika Metals Hybrid Series handlebars are truly a marvel of engineering and offer the first oversize bar option specifically made to fit 7/8" clamps. The patent pending design is one of the most unique ideas to shake up the handlebar industry in quite some time. Designed to retain all of the flex properties the original Mika Pro Series handlebars deliver while allowing you to run oversize bars without the need for oversize clamps.

    • Worlds first 7/8" oversize bar (patent pending)
    • Fits in all 7/8" clamps and retains strength of a 1-1/8" bar
    • Designed for maximum fatigue life
    • Manufactured to exact dimension specifications
    • Constructed from the highest quality aerospace 7075 aluminum for maximum strength
    • Black anodized finish for maximum corrosion resistance
    • Includes injection molded bar pad

    Includes a Mika Metals Cross Bar Pad, which will not break down as most other bar pads do and has these features:

    • Injection-molded closed-cell foam.
    • Made of the highest quality materials and extremely durable.
    • Available in a wide selection of colors.

    Bars are black with different color pads