Mirrors - handlebar mount

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You will enjoy your ride a lot more when you can quickly check behind you for traffic. This is a durable and functional mirror that gives a good wide view and stays in place. It is very easily mounted and easily adjusted. Safety 101.

This Hafny HF-MIR081L range Magic Bicycle Rear View Mirror is another well-designed product from the Hafny brand name. It has been fitted with an aluminum fully opening clamp mechanism this enable the rider to fit it to their bicycle handlebars easily and quickly.

Having a fully adjustable silver mirror ball jointed head that is attached to the base makes it easy to adjust to any riders specifications and may be fitted to a full range of bikes including MTB, Folding, Fixie and Cruisers.

The base has been made from an eco-friendly high-impact Nylon/Fiber that is able to withstand everyday knocks and bumps. Available in two model options either Left or Right

Left hand
Base Material: High-Impact Nylon/Fiber
Clamp material: ED Aluminium
Handlebar clamp diameter: 22.2mm
Lens: Stainless
Colour: Black