MODERN LINES 5.75 Inch LED Headlight

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5.75 inch MODERN LINES LED Headlight Halo DRL Bulb Light Kit

This MODERN LINES LED HEADLIGHT for electric bikes will give your bike a futuristic vibe. It is plug and play for those Super73 bikes that include 12 volt headlights: RX, S-2, R-Brooklyn.  A battery package is available for others.


Bright high and low beam providing superior brightness compared to stock Super73 lights. Light is Super Bright DOT SAE E-Mark Approved. With high intensity LED chip, much brighter and durable than other headlights. 4000lms on high beam and 2600lms on low beam. 6000K pure white light. The effective irradiation area is larger than normal bulb. Really lights up the road for safer riding

RX and S2 models connect to the OEM 3-pin headlight plug. High and low beam options can be turned on and off with the included handlebar switch.

Standard Kit (RX/S2/Brooklyn) includes:

  • Light
  • Hi/Lo/DRL switch
  • Mounting ring (installed on light) and hardware

The standard Kit does NOT include brackets. Other brands include cheap bendable brackets. We sell the highest quality Max Inc CNC motorbike brackets and you can package them with the light to save. For R Series: 42/43 mm.  For S-2 and ZX: 32/33 mm. For S-1/Z1, if you subscribe to our email and send us a note, we will supply a 7/8 bracket and aluminum shims and rubber tape. (A 31 mm Max Inc bracket with shims is more solid.) We highly recommend getting these PREMIUM CNC cut aluminum brackets.

OPTIONAL Battery Configuration Includes battery and connectors. It does not include mounting for the battery. Other brands throw in zip ties or velcro from which the battery can come loose. We highly recommend our bolt-on battery container sold here.

Add our battery-powered turn signals to this kit and a HIGO splitter and you will have everything you need to set your bike apart!