Neon RX Rack, Peg, and Nut Sets -

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Neon Yellow, Neon Green, and Shocker Yellow Rack, Peg and Nut sets for the Super73 R and RX - Exclusively Available from Custom-Ebike

Completely electrify your bike with these exclusive fluro kits! Packaged kits of three popular products: pegs, axle caps, and racks offered in Shocker Yellow, Neon Yellow or Neon Green. Racks include plug and play Afterburner brake lights in red or smoked.

  • FLP Shorty Pegs
  • Chimera Axle Caps Front and Back
  • MER Molle Rack or Streamline Rack


  • Shocker Yellow
  • Neon Yellow
  • Neon Green

(Neon Yellow and Neon Green closely match the VOCA scooter grips of same colors!)

Racks are  USA made by Moto Electric Racing shop in Arizona. 

(Please: Always be sure that no strings, straps or other items dangle where they can catch in the wheel!)