Paint Project Kit

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Bundle all the supplies you need for a bike paint project and save! We want you to have protection and to enjoy your project!

Basically, we are giving you gloves, sanding paper, a sheet of scotch scuff pad, wiping clothes, and three types of masking tapes for less than the MSRP cost of a respirator and degreaser (or just the respirator). 

- Save over 50% !

- Have all your supplies ready and at hand!

This box contains the following:

1. Respirator (GERSON® 8211P 8000 Half Mask Low Maintenance Respirator, Half Mask Low Maintenance, Medium, P95 Filter Class) (Regular price: $16.94)


3. Masking tapes - 3/4 inch and 2 inch. Roll of two-inch green automotive masking tape.  

4. Fine line. Roll of Fine line masking tape (FBS ProBand 48420 Fine Line Medium Masking Tape, 60 yd x 1/4 in, Polymer Backing, Orange or equivalent. Use this for making flame outlines, narrow lines.

5. One can of aerosol degreaser. High Teck Wipe Out Surface Prep degreaser dissolves and floats any grease and dirt so you can wipe it off. Use this after you have sanded down any areas that are going to take paint. You can use it again on layers that have dried completely if you are taking a long slow approach. Spray on and wipe off immediately.  (Regular price: $15.94)

NOTE: If you prefer not to use degreaser, hot water, soap, and elbow grease work. You have the option to purchase this kit without the High Teck degreaser.

6. Wiping clothes. 5 large sheets of (TRIMACO® ONE TUFF® 84075 Professional Grade Wiper Cloth, 12 in x 16-1/2 in, 75, Dupont Sontara, Blue)

6. One 3M scuff pad and two sheets of 800 grit sand paper.  Scuff down your bike's existing paint, hit it with primer, let it cure, and then finish sand it for a smooth base layer.  


If you are buying any other rattle can product - Spray.Bike paints or finishes including 2K Max - this kit is automatically discounted by 15% !  That brings the price down to  $21.25!