S-2 Super Useful Bolt-On Panniers

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Laser Cut Aluminum Panniers for the Super 73 S-2! 

What's great about these panniers? They put the "fun" in functional!

- They are Super Easy to Bolt On.

- They are laser cut from durable aluminum (USA made!)

- They feature Military-spec style MOLLE holes. This allows you to strap-mount all sorts of standard equipment (including the MOLLE water carrier we sell!).

- The racks feature THREE TAPPED M5 HOLES in standardized water-bottle cage configuration!  Tapped holes are threaded to allow you to easily attach any item with an M5 bolt that will screw right into the pannier. The standard spacing means that almost any water bottle cage will bolt right on! Other products use this standard spacing such the Wolf Tooth RAD system components and our Bolt-On 12 volt battery carrier. This allows a ton of load-out options!

-Turn signal holes. The two larger holes in the corner are for mounting turn signals and slipping the wire to the rear of the pannier. 

-The panniers come in RAW or BLACK (MER's special heavy duty black powder coat finish.)

We think these are the best panniers available for the Super73 S-2 electric bike. They are super easy to install, heavy duty, and extremely functional. And they look great!