SEM Flexible Primer Surfacer 39133 (Grey)

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Use this for filling in scratches or for a smooth base for fenders and battery cases.

• Ready to spray
• Quick drying
• Easy to sand
• Flexible formulation
• Topcoat with most refinish materials

Do I Need Another Product With This?

  • Is there good paint on it but you just want to paint over? No. No primer is needed.  You can use a scuff pad, wipe that clean, and then lay down your base coat.
  • Is it bare metal? Yes. You will need SEM Self Etching primer first. The self-etching primer bonds to steel and aluminum and you shoot any other primer over it. You can buy the SEM Self-etching primer in a bundle with the Flex and save $3.
  • Is it plastic? Yes. You will need Bulldog adhesion promoter. This tacks up fast, and then you shoot the primer on it. If you skip this, the Flex primer will peel off the plastic.  You can buy Bulldog in a bundle with the Flex Primer and save $3.
Weight: 1.100 lbs.
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