SEM Hi-build primer

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What a super smooth paint job?

After you sand down your bike with a scuff pad, it's a very good idea to lay down a coat of hi-build primer.  This will fill in the scuff marks and allow you to smooth the surface in preparation for a base coat. Let it cure, then sand or wet sand with 800 grit sand paper.  You will have a surface that is smooth as a baby's butt and ready for a base layer. 

  • Provides superior adhesion
  • Excellent filling properties
  • Works on multiple substrates, including metal and plastic
  • Easy to sand
  • Topcoat with most refinish material

For larger dinks or scratches, use Spray.Bike putty, sand, then add your layer of primer. 

This product is shipped only within USA and must be shipped by ground.

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